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Eldon Palmer, Realtor


Real estate / realtor

Project Categories

Brand strategy

Goals & Challenges

When it came time to grow his business to the next level, Eldon Palmer, Realtor, selected Storybent Creative to lead his brand development process.

Creative Solutions

Going through the brand development process helped Eldon better understand what's important to his clients and why they choose him over other realtors. This is why brand development for realtors is an essential customer service benefit.


Strategy: Suzette Garvey

"Suzette did an amazing job of researching and analyzing my client base via well-thought surveys and follow-up including interviews. She also facilitated an enjoyable round table discussion with prior clients. All of this allowed me to better understand what is important to my clients and why they choose to work with me. Additionally, she put together a summary plan with action items tailored to my specific business that has helped my business grow. This was a unique and valuable experience to me and a fantastic ROI!" –– Eldon Palmer, Realtor
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