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Winning At Home


Not-for-profit organization / health care / mental health

Project Categories

Brand strategy
12-month strategic marketing calendar
Social media strategy

Goals & Challenges

Winning At Home serves to strengthen marriages and families through counseling, coaching, community events, public speaking, and media resources. Their leadership team reached out to Storybent Creative to refresh their mental health marketing through a series of workshops covering audience needs, industry trends, organizational strengths, communication methodologies, and opportunities for improvement.

Creative Solutions

A brand strategy workshop brought this leadership team into broader perspectives and in-depth, productive conversations. Audience feedback, industry analysis, and team input came together for an energized, refined brand strategy. A 12-month strategic marketing calendar provided them with a streamlined pacing and prioritization of service and brand topics. Most importantly, it revealed additional opportunities for collaboration among team members with overlapping strengths and topics. A review of audience needs, contemporary communication tools, and team strengths directed them toward their best marketing channels, as well. Refreshing their social media strategy led to more consistent and engaging messaging along the platforms their audiences use most. Plus, it provided them with a handy monthly template for planning purposes and outlined the best types of posts by audience.


Strategy: Suzette Garvey

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Storybent come and work with our team!" –– Steve Norman, speaker and coach with Winning At Home
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