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Isabel Estrada, Author


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Brand strategy

Goals & Challenges

Isabel Estrada hired Storybent Creative to develop brand strategy for her debut children's book and her ongoing author marketing.

Creative Solutions

Isabel's brand strategy began with a discovery process to integrate an understanding of the children's book industry alongside her strengths as an author. Brand positioning messaging was developed to uniquely reflect her writing style and themes, as well as her personality, as it relates to her various audience groups (e.g. young readers, parents and teachers, librarians).


Strategy: Suzette Garvey

"I'm a Latinx kidlit author who recently worked with Suzette Garvey from Storybent Creative. Suzette demonstrated a high level of professionalism in all areas. Her communication skills were impressive--everything you'd want and more! I feel confident moving forward with my book launch and believe that the brand platform Suzette created for me will serve me well. I highly recommend Suzette to anyone who wants to identify their brand." –– Isabel Estrada, children's book author
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