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Grand Gamers Guild


Entertainment / games / board games and card games

Project Categories

Brand strategy
Product strategy
12-month strategic marketing calendar
Digital marketing
Website writing and creative direction
Social media marketing
Social advertising content
Press release writing
Media management

Goals & Challenges

Grand Gamers Guild is an independent game publisher with an expanding line of board games. Although many of their games now exhibit The Dice Tower Seal of Approval, they hired Storybent Creative to create further brand awareness and heighten the product launch process for multiple new games.

Creative Solutions

Crafted digital marketing strategy and messaging for a board game publisher launching new games globally — surpassing Kickstarter funding at +38% to +409%.

Storybent Creative jumped in by analyzing product strategy for new and existing games, and followed up with brand strategy for a greater consistency and depth of messaging. Leaning on the vivid storytelling elements of each game, the website was refreshed to have game characters speak from the page. The site's functionality was updated with micro-engagements for a more playful user experience. With each new game launch, whether beginning with a Kickstarter campaign or heading straight to preorder status, copywriting focused on the spirit of the game characters and environments across landing pages, social media campaigns and digital advertising.


Brand / Marketing / PR Strategy and Content Writing: Suzette Garvey
Graphic Design: Josh Cappel
Web Development: Cameron Versluis

"I highly recommend Suzette and Storybent Creative. She has a breadth and depth of knowledge based around modern marketing techniques." –– Marc Specter, Owner of Grand Gamers Guild
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